The Fair Housing Handbook (BKAHATFHHB)

The Fair Housing Handbook

Expert Insights on Fair Housing Practices to Avoid Discrimination Claims!

Fair Housing is a right for all individuals and the HUD and DOJ are very particular about the enforcement of Fair Housing rights for all. However, over 27,000 complaints of housing discrimination are handled every year and FH violations can result in fines up to $10,000 for the first offence and $25000 for the second offence in a five year period and up to $50000 in a seven year period.

That’s not all, providers accused of discrimination may be required to pay not just the fines, but also compensatory and punitive damages as well as attorney’s fees. Remaining informed and updated about FH requirements and expected conduct is essential. However, navigating the tangle of Fair Housing regulations, and understanding how to avoid inadvertent discriminatory practices is easier said than done!

To that end, Assisted Housing Alert brings the Fair Housing Handbook in collaboration with industry veteran Paul Flogstad to help all stakeholders in assisted housing provide housing to all. The Fair Housing Handbook is your one-stop resource for ensuring your housing practices are compliant with Fair Housing laws.

This book explains, in simple terms, the various requirements under Fair Housing regulations, and will assist housing providers in making the application and screening process non-discriminatory and avoid discrimination claims. You will understand your responsibilities as a landlord, towards disabled resident requests for reasonable accommodation and modification. The Fair Housing Handbook covers recent discrimination claims and litigations to help you understand situations that could lead to adverse action and provides expert guidance on how to avoid such situations.

Assisted Housing Alert’s Fair Housing Handbook covers the following topics:

  • Basic Requirements under the Fair Housing Act
  • Scope and Coverage of Fair Housing
  • Protected Classes under FH Law
  • Advertising under FH Law
  • Application and Screening Requirements
  • Non-discriminatory housing practices
  • Tenant responsibilities for Disabled Tenants
  • Reasonable Accommodation and Modification Requirements
  • Avoiding Discriminatory Behavior and Liability
  • Recent Discrimination Claims
  • And more!

With Assisted Housing Alert’s Fair Housing Handbook, learn your responsibilities under Fair Housing requirements and avoid discriminatory claims and liabilities!


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About the Author

Paul FlogstadPaul Flogstad, a Certified Occupancy Specialist, Certified Manager of Housing, Certified Manager Of Maintenance, Site Based Budgeting Specialist, Tax Credit Specialist, Blended Occupancy Specialist, Certified Section 515 Specialist, RHM ( Registered Housing Manager) Professional Designation, Certified Instructor for South Dakota Real Estate Commission, Certified Instructor for North Dakota Real estate Commission and Certified Instructor for Minnesota Department of Commerce, has supervised properties in over 22 different states. He has spent the last 35 years in the real estate industry and has been involved in property development, compliance, marketing and training. Paul enjoys working with people and helping them be the best they can be.

He has also provided training and consulting services for property owners, managers, various real estate associations, as well as city, state and federal agencies.


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