Property Management Training Package

This package is easy on your budget and offers you 5 Digital Downloads, and an information packed e-Book.

  1. Conflict Management - How to Handle Hostile, Hazardous Residents; The Importance of Resolving Conflict!

    In this session by expert speaker Anne Sadovsky, you will understand how personalities, generational differences and certain behaviors create conflict in Multi-family properties.

    Session Highlights

    • Save residents and team members through conflict resolution
    • View conflict as an opportunity rather than a burden
    • How to be a successful mediator
    • Managing ourselves and set good examples
    • Use common sense to reach win/win solutions
    • Increase the bottom line by working in harmony
  2. Best Practices for Property Owners and Managers on HUD Programs

    Join this session by expert speaker Paul Flogstad, who will cover many of the common issues faced by property managers and property owners. These problems are a daily occurrence at most properties. This session will give you fresh ideas to deal with the issues and the residents involved.

    Session Highlights

    • How to handle unauthorized residents
    • Subleasing: what you need to keep in mind
    • What to do about parking violations
    • How to handle drugs, especially marijuana on the property
    • How to handle noise complaints
    • How to handle amenities violations
    • Communication documentation
    • Texting documentation
    • Tools that are required
  3. Win-Win Tips for You & Residents to Minimize Home Fires, Winter Storms, Hurricanes?

    Jo Becker will help you demonstrate concern by identifying and touting the steps you’re already taking to safeguard the property and your residents. It will also walk you through steps you can take to help residents prepare their own households

    Session Highlights

    • Discuss that many disasters are in the news, winter storms are on the way, and home fires will increase between now and New Year’s!
    • Discover the benefits of community preparedness and of targeting such messages to your residents
    • Learn where to find relevant and free community resources, literature, and presentations to share with residents
    • Collect low- and no-cost planning steps to distribute to residents
    • Design your own outreach campaign to keep preparedness top-of-mind while reaping the benefits of a more resilient property and sustaining goodwill with residents
  4. Developing a Maintenance Plan for Multi-Family Properties

    Join real estate expert Paul Flogstad to learn the basics of setting up a maintenance plan for your property. This session will identify the strategies to reduce costs and increase productivity of property maintenance.

    Session Highlights

    In this session you will learn:

    • What is applied time?
    • What is the biggest time waster for maintenance staff?
    • How to effectively develop a budget
    • How to set up a maintenance schedule
    • Economic life vs actual age when setting up replacement plan
    • The fundamentals of maintenance management.
    • How to develop inspection and cost standards?
    • The fundamentals of work scheduling.
    • The finances of maintenance management.
    • How to manage maintenance personnel?
    • How to measuring and monitor performance?
  5. Creating and Understanding a Tenant Selection Plan

    Join this webinar with expert speaker Paul Flogstad, who will equip you to cover “all of the bases” and yet be efficient in not re-inventing the wheel. The final product, after receiving this training will be useful for your potential applicants and current tenants, yet still be compliant with HUD

    Session Highlights

    This session will cover the required topics under HUD’s, Waiting List and Tenant Selection:

    • Project eligibility requirements
    • Income limits (including economic mix for Section 8 properties)
    • Procedures for taking applications and selecting from the waiting list
    • Occupancy standards
    • Unit transfer policies
    • Policies to Comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    • Policy for opening and closing the waiting list
    • Eligibility of students
    • VAWA protections
    • Confidentiality of information
  6. E-book

    Assisted Housing Alert Management Survival Guide

    The Assisted Housing Alert Management Survival Guide arms you with 25 time-saving sample forms, policies, leases, and management checklists for headache-free compliance. Inside this indispensible guide, you'll find:

    • Smart—and safety conscious— tenant policies
    • House rules that properly accommodate special needs tenants
    • Tools for avoiding (and evicting) tenants that don't meet HUD standards
    • Perfectly compliant paperwork for new applicants
    • The best pest prevention strategies
    • And much more...

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