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  1. Marijuana in the Workplace: How the Laws have Changed After "Legalization

    In this webinar, employment law expert Jennifer Komsky will explain the recent legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in California and other states, and provide insights on how to keep the workplace drug free. You will learn how to handle the current conflict between the state and federal laws – and the legislation trends. You will also learn when and how to legally conduct drug screenings/testing, take action against an employee suspected of using marijuana – and what to do if an employee tests positive

    Session Highlights

    • How to navigate the landscape of conflicting laws about marijuana and other substances?
    • What are the trends in proposed legislation surrounding marijuana?
    • When and how can an employer take action against an employee suspected of using marijuana either for recreational or medical use?
    • When and how you can legally conduct drug screenings/testing?
    • How can you avoid disability discrimination claims when an employee has a medical marijuana card?
    • What drug and alcohol policies should you have in place to ensure compliance with state and federal laws?
  2. Onboarding New Hires: How to Get Them Quickly Up To Speed, Engaged and Productive

    In this session expert speaker Marcia Zidle will discuss what you need to know to ensure that your organization is building a stable and committed productive workforce from the start.

    Session Highlights

    • The key questions of new hires
    • The value of a buddy system and how it works
    • Examples of how companies perform their onboarding process
    • The difference between orientation and onboarding
    • Why the manager is the key and what they need to do
    • Why executive new hires don’t succeed and why they leave
    • The value of developing a new hire welcome kit for everyone
    • The 4 Cs of a robust onboarding program: Compliance, clarification, culture and connections
  3. Understanding Payroll Deductions in 2018: What Can and Cannot be Deducted from an Employee's Wages (HRM18BP)

    In this session by expert speaker Vicki M. Lambert. Vicki will explain which taxes are mandatory, which are a courtesy and which ones the employee controls. If the IRS or the state wants payroll to collect for back taxes; you will learn how it should be processed. Vicki will answer the question of what payroll should do if a “payday loan” deduction is received as opposed to a creditor garnishment? You will learn which ones must be honored and why

    Session Takeaways

    • Charts and examples on how to calculate disposable income for child support
    • Examples on calculating take home pay for federal tax levies
    • Charts and examples of how to calculate a creditor garnishment
    • When meals and lodging can be applied as a credit towards minimum wage
    • The facts concerning recouping overpayments under the FLSA
    • Update on anti-wage theft laws in the country
  4. Complying with Pregnancy Discrimination Act - What to Expect When Your Employee Is Expecting

    In this webinar, industry veteran Susan Desmond will walk you through your legal obligations towards the pregnant worker, including how pregnancy can sometimes implicate the ADA. She will analyze the Young v. UPS ruling, and explain how courts are interpreting employer obligations after the Young v. UPS case. Desmond will also provide valuable insights on the interaction of the PDA and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

    After attending this session, you will know how to handle challenging issues involving workers who become pregnant – without falling afoul of the law.

    Session Highlights

    Some of the useful topics covered include:

    • History of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, including court decisions pre-Young v. UPS
    • How pregnancy can sometimes implicate the Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Analysis of Young v. UPS
    • How courts are interpreting employer obligations post-Young v. UPS
    • Understanding the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s response to Young v. UPS
    • Interaction of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act
  5. A Leer, A Pat, A Joke, A Gesture, An Innuendo, A Kiss: Are You Prepared for the Fallout from Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

    In this session, expert speaker Dr. Susan Strauss will outline strategies for preventing sexual harassment at your workplace. These prevention strategies will minimize your liability.  Workplaces should be based on equality, respect and dignity. What are your workplace’s values regarding these three elements of equality, respect, and dignity? Supervisors are often the first line of defense in confronting sexual harassment; this session will outline who is a supervisor, which will surprise most of you. It is critical for every workplace to recognize what good sexual harassment entails: it isn’t a 20-30 online course, so what is it then?  Are there actual times when an employer is responsible for sexual harassment that occurs outside the workplace? Susan will discuss those possibilities and answer these questions. This session will provide men (and women) guidelines on how to determine if their workplace behavior is appropriate.

    Session Highlights

    This session will:

    • Differentiate between flirting and sexual harassment;
    • Differentiate between illegal harassment and psychological harassment
    • Differentiate between bullying and sexual harassment
    • Discuss the effective elements in your organization’s prevention strategy
    • Review complaint procedures that must be incorporated into your harassment policy
    • List the critical elements of sexual harassment training
    • Identify the effects of sexual harassment on the target, the work unit, and the organization
    • Discuss retaliation
    • Identify the steps to take if you are targeted by a sexual harasser
    • Explain management’s legal and ethical responsibility in the prevention and intervention of sexual harassment
    • Explain what a supervisor “really” is
    • Discuss whether sexual harassment can exist outside of work
    • Examine men’s concerns regarding sexual harassment at work
    • Discuss the steps to take if an employee complains about an “old” incident of sexual harassment
  6. e-Book – Hiring for Keeps

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