Fair Housing Training package

This package is easy on your budget and offers you 4 Digital Downloads, and an information packed e-Book on Fair Housing

  1. Create Affirmative Fair Housing Plans That Get Approved

    This webinar with expert speaker Elaine Simpson will outline how to create a plan that will not only be approved but that can also be implemented effectively at the site level.

    Session Highlights

    • What an Affirmative Fair Housing Plan exactly is and why you must create one
    • Overview an easy to follow step-by-step guide to filling out the Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan HUD form
    • How to identify your “target marketing population designated as least likely to apply”
    • Get an answer to the question what groups are a “minority” for your property
    • Do all the minorities have to be included and if not, how to determine which minorities to include
    • Where can you find the specific information regarding the minorities for your AFHM Plan?
    • Understanding what you are committing to when you submit my Affirmative Fair Housing Plan
    • Tips on how and what to document that we are working our Affirmative Fair Housing Plan
    • How to create a plan that will not only be approved but can also be implemented effectively at the site level
    • Review HUD’s requirements and identify the sources for the various pieces of information necessary to complete and confidently submit your plan for approval
  2. Fair Housing for Maintenance Staff

    Paul Flogstad will cover all aspects of fair housing for maintenance personnel. Topics include assistive animals, steering, disability, reasonable accommodation, reasonable modification, as well as numerous tips on proper procedures. The goal of this session is to keep maintenance staff in compliance with HUD laws on fair housing.

    Session Highlights:

    • What is fair housing?
    • What are the protected classes?
    • What are the costs of a fair housing violation?
    • How often is training needed?
  3. A Practical Guide to Reasonable Accommodation under the Fair Housing Act

    Paul Flogstad will discuss  the  many different  needs for reasonable accommodations. One of the primary requests are for assistance animals. This session will discuss what the requirements are, what animals are allowed and how a landlord must verify the need for such an animal

    Session Highlights

    This session will discuss:

    • Fair housing issues and how they impact your property
    • The need for accommodations
    • Fair housing laws about accommodations
    • Timeframe for requesting and granting of accommodations
    • What properties fall under fair housing/accommodation laws?
  4. Curb Costly Complaints: Fair Housing Mistakes, Misunderstandings & Misinformation

    Join multifamily housing expert Anne Sadovsky to get informed answers to frequently asked questions and learn from real-world case studies about challenging but common tenant situations that can turn into significant fair housing violations. Learn how the wrong words, jokes, behaviors, written and verbal policies, and other everyday occurrences can create serious problems for your properties and/or management agency

    Session Highlights

    This program will teach you to:

    • Avoid prolific fair-housing blunders (e.g., using untrained temps, neglecting to address discrimination in vendor agreements, etc.).
    • Prevent mishandling of requests for assistance animals—a fair-housing hot topic!
    • Properly address pool policies (e.g., swim attire) and practices for assigning handicap parking spaces.
    • Give adequate information upfront (i.e., before lease signing) and not play favorites at renewal and rent increase time.
    • Clearly set policies and address resident complaints on topics such as: smoking, cooking odors, and parking.
    • Update documents and signage to prevent fair-housing problems.
    • Train staff not to act overly familiar with residents (e.g., friendships, hugging, misunderstood compliments, etc.)
    • Interpret the newest fair-housing rulings and debunk common misunderstandings
  5. e-Book

    The Fair Housing Handbook

    Assisted Housing Alert’s Fair Housing Handbook covers the following topics:

    • Basic Requirements under the Fair Housing Act
    • Scope and Coverage of Fair Housing
    • Protected Classes under FH Law
    • Advertising under FH Law
    • Application and Screening Requirements
    • Non-discriminatory housing practices
    • Tenant responsibilities for Disabled Tenants
    • Reasonable Accommodation and Modification Requirements
    • Avoiding Discriminatory Behavior and Liability
    • Recent Discrimination Claims
    • And more!

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