Checklist: Address Hoarding Issues Early Before They Get Out Of Hand

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Understand how to rate the clutter severity from low to severe

When you suspect that a resident is hoarding, one of your first steps is to conduct an inspection of the unit or property to evaluate the situation. But do you know what to look for and how to determine whether the clutter is harmless versus potentially dangerous? Use this checklist created by the Brookline Hoarding Task Force in Massachusetts as an aid while inspecting a unit:

Clutter Checklist for Property Managers


  • How cluttered is the unit? (circle one)


Items normally used in one week are not put away. For example, some clothes on the floor, sink has some dishes.


Items covering all tables, beds, counters, still able to walk easily through unit, piles up to one-foot deep.


Items piled up to waist height with only passageways through rooms.


Items piled overhead, egresses blocked, minimal access to facilities.

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