Safety Matters for Apartment Management Teams (AHA419C)

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  • Live Webinar
  • Presenter(s)
  • Jo Becker , Anne Sadovsky CSP, CAM, CAPS
  • Conference Date
  • Add to my calendar Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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  • 1:00 pm ET - 12:00 pm CT - 11:00 am MT - 10:00 am PT
  • Length
  • 90 minutes

Create the Right Policies & Plans to Maximize Your Residents’ and Staff’s Safety

The housing industry is a people business. While most people are good and pleasant, your job involves some level of risk when peoples’ tempers flare. Whether it’s a hotheaded resident with anger management issues having a bad day, an opportunistic attacker looking to get you alone in a vacant apartment, or an active shooter on your property, you need to be prepared.

Learn the policies and plans you need to have in place to ensure your team’s safety—as well as that of your residents—in this joint session by industry expert Jo Becker (with Anne Sadovsky). You will learn how the policies you put in place, the knowledge you have, and what you do can make all the difference. Becker and Sadovsky will explain what you need to know about personal life safety. They will show you how to stay calm in adverse situations; how the words you choose can create peace or chaos; how to have the right plans and policies in place; how to train and rehearse with your team; and how to utilize the services of local law enforcement agencies and private training companies.

When you work where people live, you need the equivalent of a degree in psychology. This session will show you how to maintain peace, have empathy when people are upset, use magic words that are calming, and stay calm using breath control and a positive mental attitude.

After attending this session, you will know the policies and plans you need to have in place to ensure your team’s safety—as well as that of your residents. You will know how to be a peacemaker and a calming factor in any kind of storm. Plus, you will know how to utilize the services of local law enforcement authorities and private safety training companies when required.

Session Highlights

You will learn:

  • How to ensure personal life safety
  • How to stay calm when in an adverse situation
  • How the words you choose can create peace or chaos
  • What plans and policies you should have in place
  • How to train and rehearse with your team
  • How to utilize local law enforcement and private safety training companies

Who Should Attend

  • Leasing managers
  • On-site managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Maintenance and service technicians
  • Compliance officers
  • Resident services coordinators (in affordable housing communities)
  • Community concierges (in high-end housing communities)
  • Independent landlords or small operators
  • Homeowners association and community managers

Ask a question at the Q&A session following the live event and get advice unique to your situation, directly from our expert speaker.


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About the Presenter(s)

Jo Becker Jo Becker is a realtor-turned-fair housing advocate. She was a licensed housing provider for 8 years before working for a statewide fair housing nonprofit for 10 years where she has trained over 10,000 individuals, to consistently rave reviews. Her focus is on training housing providers including property managers, maintenance and service technicians, and private landlords.

Jo has also studied emergency preparedness and disaster response with a focus on animals since 2005. Today her career consists of an unexpected alchemy of public speaking and writing on topics that blend lifelong passions and multiple career experiences. Regardless of topic or audience, Jo's aim is to inform, empower, and inspire with historical and relatable context, understandable concepts, and bottom-line considerations.

Anne SadovskyIn January 2018, Anne Sadovsky will celebrate her 50th year in Multifamily Housing.  She travels nationally; training, entertaining and educating property management teams.

Not only does she specialize in fair housing, she is a popular humorist and keynote speaker.

Anne is a former VP of Marketing and Education for Lincoln Property Company, has earned a Real Estate License, a Certified Speaker designation from the National Speakers Association, and is an acknowledged Professional Fair Housing Trainer by the Texas Workforce Commission. She has been honored with the Legend of Education and a Lifetime Membership by the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas.

She is based in Dallas, Texas