Assisted Housing Alert

Assisted Housing Alert

As an assisted housing professional, you face ever-changing regulations, confusing instruction, and strict compliance obligations. That's why, to do your job well, you need regular, accurate, and practical information you can count on. Look no further than Assisted Housing Alert.

A toolbox for low-income public housing professionals

At Assisted Housing Alert, we're not just a newsletter. We're a one-stop shop-open all day, everyday-providing you with HUD alerts, affordable housing policy trends, court takeaways, and property management solutions. Whether you work for a PHA, management firm, non-profit, developer, low-income housing agency, law firm, or consultancy, Assisted Housing Alert offers the relevant, timely information you need to master everyday challenges.

We cover the A-to-Z of public housing compliance

We report on the alphabet soup of public housing:


We teach readers to:

  • prepare for inspections,
  • train management staff,
  • master tricky tenant relations,
  • make reasonable accommodations,
  • draft sound housing policies,
  • develop housing marketing plans,
  • understand eligibility rules,
  • calculate rent and analyze rent comparability studies,
  • submit HUD forms 9887, 9250, and more!
  • keep up with HUD news,
  • and stay out of legal hot water.

A yearly subscription to Assisted Housing Alert comes with 12 issues packed with real-world compliance strategies-plus an all-access pass to our keyword searchable database where you'll find a decades' worth of advice on topics such as rental agreements, marketing strategies, financial management & low-income tax credits, Section 8 compliance, enhanced vouchers, exigent health and safety (EHS), eviction policy-and more!


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Regular readers use Assisted Housing Alert to:

  1. Sharpen general industry knowledge
  2. Get up-to-the-minute HUD compliance news
  3. Draft effective management policies
  4. Save time with sample documents/forms
  5. Pick up money-saving tips
  6. Train staff in compliant management
  7. Avoid Fair Housing legal pitfalls
  8. Learn practical documentation practices
  9. Survive REAC inspections
  10. Ease their compliance headaches
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