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Number Name /Version Date
HUD-2 Request for Waiver of Housing Directive - Multifamily Housing (12/2013)
HUD-2-OHF Request for Waiver of Housing Directive - Hospitals/Section 242 (06/2003)
HUD-2-ORCF Request for Waiver of Housing Directive - Residential Care Facilities/Section 232 (06/2014)
HUD-20 Printing Requisition (02/2010)
HUD-20-A Requisition for Visual Arts Services (11/2011)
HUD-20-B Business Card (09/2014)
HUD-20-C Quick-Copy Request (01/2010)
HUD-20000-A Idea$ Submission Form (09/1988)
HUD-2003-01-H Don't Be A Victim of Loan Fraud
 -   Web Page version
 -   No sea vmctima de pristamos fraudulentos
 -   Brochure version
HUD-2003-13-CPD HOME Program Rehabilitation Tune-up Kit
HUD-2005-07-FHA HUD's Energy Efficient Mortgages Program (Brochure) (02/2005)
HUD-2005-09-FHA The Section 203(k) Loan Program (Brochure) (02/2005)
HUD-2008-5-FHA Save Your Home-Tips to Avoid Foreclosure (Brochure) (04/2012)
 -   Chinese
 -   Spanish
 -   Vietnamese
HUD-200.2 Adjustment of Overtime Hours (07/1999)
HUD-2022 Schedule of Collections (09/1993)
HUD-2029 Telephone Inquiry/Response (01/2003)
HUD-203 Lost Label Report IPIA/Manufacturer/Losing Party (01/2000)
HUD-203B Damaged Label Report IPIA/Manufacturer (01/2000)
HUD-2059 Request for Consultant/Expert (04/2011)
HUD-2059-A Quarterly Consultant/Expert Review of Statement (04/2003)
HUD-2060 Voluntary Leave Transfer form(07/1989)
HUD-2061 Consultant Certificate (04/2011)
HUD-2061-A Expert Certificate (04/2011)
HUD-2063 Schedule of Federal Housing Administration Debentures Authorized and Requisitioned (.xls) (.pdf) (05/2009)
HUD-21004 Service And Reimbursement Agreement Moving Expenses(03/1988)
HUD-21005 Supplement To Travel Order Request And Authorization (12/1997)
HUD-21006 Application For Reimbursement Of Real Estate (01/1990)
HUD-21007 Claim For Reimbursement Of Subsistence Expenses (10/1983)
HUD-21007-A Schedule Of Daily Expenses /Occupying Temporary (10/1983)
HUD-21008 Designation Of Travel Allowance Holder (06/2000)
HUD-21010 Filing Equipment Requests Checklist (12/1983)
HUD-21012 Certificate of Authenticity of Microphotographed Records (11/2011)
HUD-21016 Daily Vehicle Utilization Report (07/1990)
HUD-21019 HUD Headquarters Library Retained Loan Request (02/1987)
HUD-21023 Facsimile Message Routing Form (10/2000)
HUD-21027 Request for Copier Service (09/1989)
HUD-216 Invoice (06/1996)
HUD-21-B Notice Cover Sheet (03/1980)
HUD-21-F Interim Notice Form
HUD-22 Departmental Clearance and Approval Record (05/2012)
HUD-22005 Reimbursable Order for Information Technology (IT) Goods & Services (11/1995)
HUD-22006 Computer Accommodations Request (07/2005)
HUD-22017 Personnel Security & Systems Access (01/2002)
HUD-2205-A Mortgagor's Certificate of Actual Cost - Multifamily (05/1975)
HUD-2205-A-OHF Mortgagor's Certificate of Actual Cost - Hospitals/Section 242 (05/1975)
HUD-2205A-ORCF Mortgagor's Certificate of Actual Cost - Residential Care Facilities/Section 232 (06/2014)
HUD-221 Audit Progress Report (10/1984)
HUD-2224 Senior Management Approval (04/2002)
HUD-2283 Financial Requirements for Closing (01/1995)
HUD-22-A Clearance & Approval Record for Federal Register Documents (06/1996)
HUD-22-B Notice: Cover Sheet (PDF) (Word) (07/2005)
HUD-23 Transmittal for Handbook No. (09/1981)
HUD-23002 Tenancy Composition HUD-Assited Multifamily Housing Boston
HUD-2328 Contractor's and/or Mortgagor's Cost Breakdown (05/1995)
HUD-2344 HUD no longer accepts hardcopy terminations. Lenders must submit terminations to HUD via EDI or FHA Connection
HUD-235 Collection Register (05/1989)
HUD-235.1 Receipt for Remittance Delivery (04/1989)
HUD-24 Transmittal (11/1998)
HUD-24012 Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition (07/2011)
HUD-24016 Final GTR Performance Assessment for Assistance Agreements (05/1990)
HUD-24016.1 Final GTR Performance Assessment for Fair Housing Assistance
HUD-2409 Amortization Schedule Request (12/1991)
HUD-2434-OHF Mortgagee's Certificate (10/1992)
HUD-2453.1-CA Capital Advance Mixed-Finance Program (09/2007)
HUD-2456 Escrow Deposit Agreement (12/1991)
HUD-2466-GP-OHF Regulatory Agreement Section 242 Nonprofit Hospitals (05/2012)
HUD-25 Official Travel Order (04/1987)
HUD-25002 Progress Review Record (12/1997)
HUD-25006-A AFGE Union Representation Bi-weekly Time Report (PDF) (Word) (04/1990)
HUD-25007 HUD Crediting Plan (03/1986)
HUD-25008 HUD Job Analysis Form (06/2013)
HUD-25012 Time and Attendance Record (05/1998)
HUD-25013 Probationary or Trial Period Report (04/1992)
HUD-25015 Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information (09/1990)
HUD-25015-A Consent for Release of Patient Information During or After
HUD-25016 Employee Grievance(02/2003)
HUD-25017 Work Schedule Request(05/1998)
HUD-25018 Notification of Intent to Work Credit Hours (12/1994)
HUD-25018-A Notification of Intent to Work Credit Hours
HUD-25019 Compressed Work Schedule Analysis (11/2011)
HUD-2502-0602 Notice of Office of Management and Budget Action (05/2013)
HUD-25020 Employee Record and Certification of Extra Hours of Work (Word) (PDF)
HUD-25021 Request for Recruitment Incentive Form (11/2011)
HUD-25022 Request for Relocation Incentive Form (03/2007)
HUD-25023 Request for Approval of Recruitment Bonus, Relocation Bonus, Retention Allowance (09/1991)
HUD-25024 Recertification Determination Form (08/2000)
HUD-25025 Supervisory or Managerial Probationary Period Report
HUD-25027 Flexitour Work Schedule Request (12/1993)
HUD-25029 Request for an Advance in Pay and Repayment Agreement (08/2001)
HUD-25031 Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment (VSIP) – Buyout Application (.pdf) (.docx) (08/2013)
HUD-2516 Contract/Subcontract Activity (Landscape Layout) (08/1998)
HUD-25227 Telework Application and Agreement (05/2010)
HUD-25229 Teleworker Self Certification Checklist (05/2010)
HUD-2530 Previous Participation Certification - Multifamily Housing (02/2013)
HUD-2530-OHF Previous Participation Certification - Hospitals/Section 242 (07/2009)
HUD-2532 Monitoring Review Residential Tenant Not Receiving a Replacement Housing Payment
HUD-2537 Mortgagee's Application for Partial Settlement (11/2010)
HUD-2554 Supplementary Conditions of the Contract for Construction (12/2005)
HUD-2576-OHF Certificate for Need for Health Facility and Assurance of Enforcement of State Standards (05/2012)
HUD-26 Custody Receipt for Government Property on Personal Charge (11/2011)
HUD-260 Leave Record (01/2014)
HUD-260.2 Leave Computations for Part-Time Employee (01/2014)
HUD-27 Report of Survey (02/1968)
HUD-27001 Up Front Mortgage Insurance Premium
HUD-27005.1 Case Binder Control
HUD-27008 Application for Coinsurance Benefits & Fiscal Data (09/1991)
HUD-27009-B Mortgagee's Report of Project Collections Schedule B (09/1990)
HUD-27009-D Mortgagee's Report of Project Collections Schedule D (09/1990)
HUD-27009-F Mortgagee's Report of Net Sales Proceeds - Schedule F (09/1990)
HUD-27011 Single-Family Application for Insurance Benefits (07/2009)
HUD-27011-A ***Obsolete*** Please refer to HUD Handbook 4330.4
HUD-27012 FEHB Premium Conversion Waiver/Election Form
HUD-27014 Lockbox Payment Remittance Form
HUD-27029 Title I Refinancing Report (06/2003)
HUD-27030 Title I Transfer of Note Report (05/1997)
HUD-27045 Invoice Approval For Contract/Purchasing & Training (07/1995)
HUD-27050-B Application for Premium Refund or Distributive Share Program Information
HUD-27051 National Credit Bureau Referral System (A-49) Data Entry
HUD-27053 Request Voucher for Grant Payment (03/1993)
HUD-27053-A Special Needs Assistance Program (02/1995)
HUD-27054 LOCCS Voice Response System Access Authorization (11/2013)
HUD-27054A LOCCS Access Authorization Template for HUD Staff and Contractors
HUD-27055 IDIS OnLine Access Request (Form) - (Instructions) (11/2013)
HUD-27056 Change of Address Request (11/1990)
HUD-27061 Race and Ethnic Data Reporting Form (10/2009)
HUD-27061-H Race and Ethnic Data Reporting Form- Housing (PDF) (Word) (09/2003)
HUD-2712 Former Tenant Account (11/1977)
HUD-272-I Federal Cash Transactions Report ONAP (05/1999)
HUD-27206 Certification of the Completion of Fera Process (02/1992)
HUD-27207 Multifamily Claims Request to Wire Transfer Funds (07/2003)
HUD-2726 Requests for Access and Amendments to Records (11/2011)
HUD-27300 America's Affordable Communities Initiative (PDF) (Word)
HUD-2741 Instructions for Applications for Insurance (04/2010)
HUD-2742 Fiscal Data in Support of Claim for Insurance (02/1991)
HUD-2744-A Allocation of Mortgagee Receipts and Disbursements (03/1991)
HUD-2744-B Mortgagee Report of Project Collections (03/1991)
HUD-2744-C Mortgagee Report of Project Disbursements (03/1991)
HUD-2744-D Mortgagee Report of Other Disbursements (03/1991)
HUD-2744-E Mortgagee Report of Special Escrow (03/1991)
HUD-2747 Application for Insurance Benefits (05/2004)
HUD-28 Administrative Adjustment Form (04/2009)
HUD-2880 Applicant/Recipient Disclosure/Update Report (03/1999)
HUD-289 Imprest Fund Disbursement Register
HUD-290 Multifamily Closing Memorandum (05/1998)
HUD-2990 Certification of Consistency with the RC/EZ/EC-IIs Strategic Plan (02/2005)
HUD-2991 Certification of Consistency with the Consolidated Plan (03/1998)
HUD-2993 Acknowledgement of Application Receipt (02/1999)
HUD-2994-A You are our Client! Grant Applicant Survey (08/2006)
HUD-2995 Certification of Consistency with Sustainable Communities Planning and Implementation (01/2011)

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