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Assisted Housing Alert

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Assisted Housing AlertThe business of providing assisted housing has always come with compliance challenges, but the U.S. recession has put the squeeze on both housing seekers and housing providers, meaning that you’re likely struggling to serve more with less. Plus, the federal sequestration cuts threaten to introduce new regulatory hoops to jump through—in addition to the ones HUD continuously throws at you.

But you can keep up with the latest requirements and avoid costly compliance missteps—all without wasting precious time or money. Join your many public housing peers who already rely on monthly issues of Assisted Housing Alert to educate them, warn them, and guide them to:

No matter the regulatory headache, the confusing new federal policy, or the compliance challenge that’s tripping you up, Assisted Housing Alert will arm you with the strategies you and your staff need to keep your property funded and functional.

What our readers say: Our readers—owner/agencies, PHAs, site managers, and local housing agencies—regularly use Assisted Housing Alert to:

  1. train employees
  2. avoid compliance violations
  3. become better managers
  4. steer clear of legal trouble
  5. save money and/or time
  6. create compliant forms and documentation

Assisted Housing Alert is the compliance and management survival tool that our readers reach for again and again to help them navigate HUD’s ever-changing rules. Why? 92% of our subscribers call Assisted Housing Alert “a reliable source of expert compliance strategies.”

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Regular readers use Assisted Housing Alert to:

  1. Sharpen general industry knowledge
  2. Get up-to-the-minute HUD compliance news
  3. Draft effective management policies
  4. Save time with sample documents/forms
  5. Pick up money-saving tips
  6. Train staff in compliant management
  7. Avoid Fair Housing legal pitfalls
  8. Learn practical documentation practices
  9. Survive REAC inspections
  10. Ease their compliance headaches
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